Spectacular and unprecedented real time statistics and images for tournaments, TV and media. Unique high-value data for professional players and coaches.
An unlimited source of data and content

Diamond Data Tournament is the source of spectacular and unprecedented real-time content and images for TV and media platforms. A unique, high-value data for professional players and coaches. Additionally, it offers the newest and most captivating audience activation program.

The best foundations

FOXTENN Diamond Analysis system is based on revolutionary track sensing technology that includes more than 40 ultra-high-speed cameras synchronized with 10 high-speed lasers that capture everything that happens on the court within millimeters and milliseconds as well as from each and every possible angle.

From data to knowledge. From knowledge to answers

FOXTENN starts off with an enormous amount of data collected by its systems. All this information is processed and structured into several steps or levels of sophistication and increasing predictive capacity.

Data collection and analytics

At first, the system is able to report the essential information in the most comprehensive and captivating manner. However, when all of the sensors work at the same time, the Diamond Data System offers unique data, with unprecedented accuracy and speed, synchronized with real images from different angles. FOXTENN can measure real time player speed, ball speed, angles, ball height, bounce position, player hit position, accuracy… in a manner that other systems are unable to compete with.

Converting information into valuable knowledge

Information becomes knowledge when we can correlate all of these parameters. FOXTENN Diamond Data System allows to connect all the previous data in the most flexible and powerful way. The possibilities of the system are endless and the value of the information is only limited by the imagination of the user.

On that basis, FOXTENN applies its artificial intelligence techniques and its own algorithms to extract a series of new and unique indicators that define player attributes and game patterns which are the key factors to unravel the game.

Creating new categories and rankings

Thanks to FOXTENN’s knowledge and experience, the system determines a series of ratings that categorize the players according to their most distinguished and definitive characteristics, which are the key to understanding and predicting why a match is either won or lost.

Enhanced sport broadcasting

All the power of statistics and exclusive indicators provided by FOXTENN's System offer a unique way of broadcasting sports. Consequently, it is more interesting and spectacular than before. Diamond Data Tournament adds value to any TV or media platform that uses its content.

Advanced Data for players and coaches

This information will also be available for the best professional players and coaches in the circuit. After each match, an exhaustive, revealing and in-depth report will be provided in an App that has unlimited possibilities of analyzing the data.

FOXTENN LiveXperience, above and beyond the tournament

FOXTENN LiveXperience is an integral and innovative activation program that captures, entertains and engages the public in a manner never seen before. FOXTENN LiveXperience converts the activation of the tournament into a radically fun experience for all tennis fans.

FOXTENN’s activation experience includes three large areas: on court screens; activities and simulations; and interaction via mobile Apps.

Making the most of the court

Thanks to FOXTENN’s technology, the court itself turns into an ideal place to have fun while sharing an amazing experience. Every assistant can interact with spectacular simulations and participate in exciting competitions.

During the match, all of the exclusive content generated by the system (advanced data and indicators, spectacular images) can be seen on the court’s screen in an extremely attractive and dynamic way, making the emotion in the match even more powerful.

Mobile engagement

The complete experience can be felt by using the entertaining, motivational and fun apps that attendees can interact with through creative bets and games that use FOXTENN’s innovative data as a starting point.

The activation program does not start nor end during the tournament. FOXTENN LiveXperience also offers new promotional actions that attract fans by going beyond the venue and tournament dates, which will turn it into a memorable event for the host city.