Ultimate technology for tennis academies. Improvement and acceleration of players performance. Best real time advanced data & images for coaching & reporting.

Technological innovation for improving players' performance has become one of the most solid trends in recent years.

The adopted technology determines the level of the academy. So, consequently, the best academies are betting on the best technology.

But, which is the best option? How to choose among current alternatives? undoubtedly a superior technology is one that is precise, reliable, and robust – but also simple, clear, and easy to use.

And, of course, there’s the wow factor.


Because of our cutting-edge technology in-court sensor systems and data capturing, and especially the combination of all this information with synchronized multi-angle HD images in the most precise and powerful way on the market.

Precision is key

In a game as fast and intense as tennis, the reliability and robustness of the system are based on precision. Without precise data, measurements of speed, height, movement, or impact are unreliable and the data generated may contain so many errors as to be useless: the final report loses value as an analytic tool.

The precision provided by high-speed cameras allows us to offer real data, not simulations – and to show the key image in each situation, what we call “the moment of truth”, whether it is the bounce of the ball or the player's hit. Both player and coach will always be able to see the reason for the hit or miss at each stage of the game.

Power, but with simplicity

The extraordinary capacity of this system does not mean it is difficult to use. On the contrary, quality is also measured by ease of use and by the simplicity and rapidity with which the tools can be adopted. Our commitment is to offer the best quantity of relevant data, in the simplest way.

If it is good for the professional circuit, it is good for the academy

FOXTENN technology is used by the ATP, the WTA, and Grand Slam professional circuits: the best guarantee of professionalism and know-how. The demands of the professional circuit require FOXTENN to constantly innovate their products, resulting in a direct benefit for Diamond Academies.

Patented, officially certified system

A global patent assures that the technology is neither copied nor replicable; it guarantees a unique and exclusive product.
Furthermore, FOXTENN is backed by the rigorous commission formed by the ATP, the ITF, the WTA, and the Grand Slams, which has certified the precision, consistency, and rigor of the Diamond system. It is the first time in 10 years that they have approved a new technology.


The Diamond Academies system boasts real-time coaching as a core feature, achieved on the court by the use of a spectacularly giant screen. The screen is visible during the exercises and provides instructions, highly didactic and impactful images, key statistics, and immediate feedback. This feedback is strengthened by an audio system which makes the experience even more immersive.
The coach also has access to powerful but simple video editing tools to correct and instruct players on the court. All the information is also available by app or computer in order to go even deeper into the technical analysis and beyond the reach of other systems in the market.

Each coach has their method...FOXTENN has them all

FOXTENN offers a framework of different exercises for player improvement on all levels, with competitive and collaborative variations. Additionally, demanding and motivational physical exercises have also been designed, based on the system's real time feedback.

One of the greatest strengths of any academy lies in its own methodology – which is why FOXTENN's system is flexible enough to adapt itself to the methods of any academy. Diamond Academies allows for the configuration, incorporation, and adaptation of new exercises in a simple and practical way. That is, it allows the exercises to be customized to fit any academy program.

Learning acceleration

In summary: ultra-precise diagnostics, immediate feedback, and big sensory impact, together with exercises that guarantee conscious and smart practice, make Diamond the most powerful and efficient method to optimize performance and accelerate learning for young talents.

Reports, like on the professional circuit – 100% automated

Diamond Academies also features a tool to create the most spectacular reports in the simplest way, combining HD and slow-motion video with data, infographics, and the coach own words – all automatically. The player receives an exhaustive report of playing patterns, aspects to improve in the immediate future, and strong points to continue developing in order to really maximize their potential as a player: a report at the same level as those received by the best players on the professional circuit.


By thinking about the needs of each and every academy and their students, FOXTENN Academies’ system has been divided into three products that meet the highest standards.

FOXTENN Diamond Vision Plus allows you to analyze high quality images from different angles as well as edit and annotate them and review videos in ultra-slow motion.

FOXTENN Diamond Advanced Training combines the visual power of Vision Plus with an enormous amount of data (shots, speed, bounces, player position, etc.) that provides the advanced real time tracking system. This option includes training standard and personalized exercises.

The latest FOXTENN Diamond Top Player adds a high-end coaching system on top of everything previously mentioned, and generates 100% automated and complete match analysis reports while giving access to a wide professional data base (ATP, WTA, CHALLENGERS , etc.).