About us

In Foxtenn we have a clear mission: Bringing a 100% REAL TRUE IMAGE with unprecedented ULTRA-ACCURATE technology for a NEW TRUE SPORTS REVOLUTION with no estimations or simulations errors.

We are a unique, cutting-edge tech company dedicated to high precision sports analysis with leading products patented worldwide. Our mission is to bring revolutionary TRUE EXTREME ACCURACY to sports markets, providing unprecedented technology for referees, players and TV analysts, while thrilling sports fans AS NEVER BEFORE. We were founded in Barcelona (Spain), and our technology can be already found all around the world in the professional ATP, WTA and ITF tours.

Our Foxtenn 100% REAL BOUNCE IN&OUT system offers the most precise and transparent electronic line-calling system in the world. With it, we have achieved a systematic error margin of zero. Our system is based on calculating the 100% REAL FULL CONTACT IMAGE of the ball’s bounce, by processing images from more than 40 ultra-high-speed cameras situated around the court that capture more than 100,000 images per second, synchronised with 10 lasers that continuously scan the court. Only FOXTENN 100% REAL BOUNCE ACCURACY is able to capture the exact moment of contact and show a REAL IMAGE of the truth.

We are experts in thorough data analysis and capture. With Diamond technology we detect everything that happens on the court (player movements, the height of the ball’s bounce, hitting angles…), analyse the data and present it in an attractive, innovative and unique way so that the players can understand their game like never before. The insights obtained with this data also allow fans to come closer to the sport in a unique way, while also enriching match commentary on TV by enabling more interactive and informative format.

More than 30 ITF, ATP and WTA tournaments have put their trust in our technology, and many players and coaches have already benefited from the insights it offers.

We are breaking barriers, committed to explain the new breakthrough advancements to fans and players, and adding unprecedented technological extremely accurate and spectacular solutions worldwide each and every day while partnering with the most innovative clients across the globe.

Because players and fans merit the most accurate decisions in the shortest distances where a match result and sometimes, a player’s life, is decided.