Feb 20, 2017
OPEN FOXTENN FCT first edition

Welcome to the first edition of the OPEN FOXTENN FCT, tournament of the ITF Pro Circuit, co-organised by the Federación Catalana de Tennis (FCT).

For the first time, FOXTENN provided a unique technology that shows the real bounce, generates statistics and video-analysis to help all the umpires, the promising young talents of European Tennis and coaches.

On the huge screen on court, the players could see “in situ” the “MOMENT OF TRUTH”, the moment of the real bounce, the exact instant when the ball hits the ground, not an estimation of its trajectory during the flight.

The players supported the FOXTENN technology because it reduces the systematic error to 0 and they were delighted that this system was applied in the Futures Tournaments, where a young player's career can be launched.